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Advances in sensors, machine learning and computer vision hold tremendous potential to reshape our world. My research focuses on unlocking this potential contained in applied machine learning approaches, and applying them in intelligent and measurable ways to improve safety and quality-of-life. My research and current projects can be broken down into two main areas:

1. Visual perception on moving platforms for safety: My research group at RI CMU empowers camera and sensors on moving platforms (embedded cameras, quadcopters, smart phones, vehicles and robots) with advanced AI/ML technologies. In particular, we develop light-weight Deep Neural Networks (DNN) for moving platforms that significantly extends the view, range and field of stationary cameras and sensors. We are making intelligent perception solutions accessible for general industries and markets.

2. Human sensing for health care: We work with multiple sensory data (e.g., videos, wearable sensor signal, and WiFi Signal), use ML approaches to detect body behaviors, disease symptoms and physical metrics, and analysis the detected patterns for the purpose of improving quality-of-life for patients and elderly.

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Positions are always available for Postdocs, Research Engineers and graduate-level Research Associates ! Please do not hesitated to email me on your interests and experiences.  

Dong Huang

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